FREE 2015 Blog Planner {Printable}

I wanted to remind everyone, since the year is almost over, about the 2015 Blog Planner Printable I have for you to print out and use while you blog. Its free for you to enjoy and learn from. If you love to use planners, then this one has the most pages offered for a blog planner.  Just choose the ones you need and print.

FREE 2015 Blog Planner {Printable}

The pages in the planner are:

  • Cover Page
  • 2015 Monthly Calendar
  • Future Posts
  • Weekly Post Planner
  • Expense Tracker
  • Paid Sponsor Post Tracker
  • Passwords
  • Future Projects & Ideas
  • Future Post Notes
  • Series Post Notes
  • Blogging Contacts
  • Giveaways & Reviews
  • Monthly Statistics

FREE 2015 Blog Planner {Printable}

With the monthly dividers you can put what pages you need for each month for the whole year and if you decide to change any out, its easy with the 3 ring binder.   I like having the month on the left side and all my other pages for the month on the right side.  I usually transfer some of the pages over to the next month.  Such as post notes, series ideas, etc.

FREE 2015 Blog Planner {Printable}

After the month tabs, I have a section of tabs for passwords, contacts, blog stats and any extra pages I have printed out.  I like to keep all my monthly stats in one area so I can go back and look how I have done over the past months.  I also have last years pages there too.  Its just a great reminder of how well your blog has grown over the years.

Here is how I set up my planner and the supplies I use:

FREE 2015 Blog Planner

I use a simple 1 inch clear frontblank 3 ring binder because I found that I was constantly changing out sheets each month. You can slide the cover page on the front and in the spin area to make it your own.

I print my pages on 32 pound paper.  I found out early that printing on regular copy paper and using markers would bleed through.  What a mess!  Using 32 pound paper keeps that from happening and its strong enough to stay nice and flat in the notebook.  Remember you will be opening your notebook so many times and you want paper that will last and hold up at the holes.

I use monthly dividersblank for each month and plain dividersblank for extra sheets that I don’t necessarily use every month. I used my Epson Label Makerblank for the labels on the plain dividers, but you can write on them also.  I have some page protectors in the back to keep important website host information and other items I need to quickly glance at.

I also have a large pencil pocket holder in the very front for my pens, paper clips, etc.

I do use different colored pens to help me when it comes to putting ideas on the monthly calendar.  I love these Paper Mate pensblank.

Just click on the 2015 Blog Planner link below and it will  be a Zip form file with the PDF file for the planner and the cover is a JPG.

Just pick and choose the forms you need for your blog and have fun!!  I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me this past year.

2015 Blog Planner



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  1. This is something that I really need. I am so unorganized when it comes to blogging. Thanks I’ll have to pin it and print it later.

  2. I downloaded mine a few weeks ago and I’m in love with your planner and the fact that you gave it to us – all for free. Thank you so much and it’s the planner I’l be using in 2015. Yes, I’m finally getting organized. 🙂

  3. I haven’t ever used a blog planner before but I’m really considering it for next year as my blog grows and my schedule becomes busier.

    1. I started using a planner a few months after I started my blog and it really kept me organized. When you start getting sponsored posts and have to keep up with everything they ask you to do, it really helps there. Good luck and enjoy

  4. Thank you so much! This is exactly what I need! I’ve been on the hunt for a good planner, but none of them are specifically for blogs, which is what I’ve been wanting.

    1. I noticed that too that the planners I had looked at and after blogging for awhile, was missing some items. So, I just made one with so many different pages. I hope the planner works for you and thanks for stopping by

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