Eureka AirSpeed All Floors Vacuum Review and Giveaway

I have expressed my feelings a few times about “The Monster” I use to vacuum the house with.  I bought my canister style vacuum over 30 years ago when they made some appliances out of metal and really heavy and hard plastic.  But, just like any well built small appliance, they don’t last forever.  The rug attachment stopped working and I would have to vacuum my whole house with the regular floor attachment.   So, I knew my house wasn’t getting vacuumed correctly.  And because I hate to throw away anything that still has some life left in it, I waited for “The Monster” to breath its last speck of dirt.

Eureka AirSpeed All Floors Vacuum Review and Giveaway

So you can imagine how ecstatic I was when Eureka contacted me about reviewing one of their vacuums.  Have you ever seen a 55+ woman do a happy dance?  How can something like a vacuum cause a grown woman to swoon? I just couldn’t wait until it was in my home so I could really vacuum my house well.  Even though I don’t have children who I would have to clean up after, everyday dirt and a dog will cause messes too.

Before the new vacuum was part of your household, I did a little reading about my soon to be new appliance.  The new Eureka AirSpeed ALL FLOORS is equipped with patented AirSpeed Technology which just does wonders when it comes to cleaning your home and independant studies have shown it cleans better than a Dyson DC41.  Wow.   It cleans all styles of floors too.  There is a knob which you can change the thickness of carpet all the way down to bare floors.  There is also a hose and wand attachments to use in the smaller crevices or areas in your home and an attachment for stairs.

The day finally came and after putting the vacuum together with ease, my hubby actually sat there and watched in amazement, I was able to turn her on and start vacuuming the house.  I first noticed how well the suction power was on the carpet.  Something I haven’t felt in years with my old vacuum.  I was just giddy with excitement over the roller marks left behind on the carpet from the vacuum.  Most of my home is tile floor and after switching the knob to bare floors, I was amazed at how well it did at sucking up all the debris I could see.  The hose attachment was also very easy to use.  Just flip the switch from floors to tools and off you go.  The vacuum moved throughout the house with ease and if someone can fall in love with a vacuum, I have.   Oh, and the canister is very easy to open and dispose of the dirt inside.

Here is a quick video of my experience with the Eureka AirSpeed.

Now about the picture of the dirt which came out of the vacuum canister. 

Eureka AirSpeed All Floors Vacuum Review and Giveaway

I was just in disbelief that much dirt, dog hair and no telling what else was in my house!  Have you ever made up the bed in your hotel room even though you knew hhousekeepingwas coming?  I do.  So, I vacuumed with “The Monster” just one more time because I couldn’t let me readers see how much dirt was in my home.   The picture above is proof that I was living in this mess because of a dysfunctioning appliance.

I encourage everyone to take a look at the Eureka Airspeed All Floor vacuum at your local stores and you can find them at Walmart for less than $100.  A great price for a great product I highly recommend.

Enjoy and Happy Cleaning,



  1. I’m laughing because I remember you writing about your relic of a vacuum cleaner! I’m so happy for you that you got a brand new one. Won’t you miss The Monster, though? (kidding)

    1. Yes and no. I will keep “The Monster” around to use out in the garage because I don’t need a rug attachment out there. I can’t officially throw it away.

  2. I have a black lab, 2 white cats and 3 kids under 5 the messes are endless :/

  3. We need a new vacuum badly! When my husband mows the grass he ends up tracking so much in with him. It’s a pain to clean up with our current vacuum. This one sounds awesome!

  4. I hate our vacuum so much! We bought it back in ’09 when we moved to Seattle and it broke soon after that. It barely picks up any dirt when moving it over the floor, but the attachments work fine. I use my roomba for floor cleaning, thank goodness for it!

  5. mostly cleaning up the crumbs after my kids’ meals and snacks, its a full time job!

  6. The messes I clean up are usually dog hair, grass, and dirt that my grandsons track inside.

  7. The messes I have to clean up are the the crumbs for all the snacks that get spilled when watching movies, and all the dog hair that gets everywhere on my rug.

  8. I know my vacuum cleaner I have now is not cleaning my house properly so I need this vacuum badly! *Fingers cross I win*

  9. I have 2 kids ages 2 and 3, I also have 3 long haired cats so this would be amazing to own!

  10. We live in the woods, and the forest is always trying to come inside! Dirt, grass, leaves, plus tons of kid related messes!

  11. I use it for cleaning everyday messes! You never know how dirty your home is until you clean it!

  12. I used it to vacuum up all the dog hair! Two huge dogs = lots of hair everywhere!

  13. My hair falls out a lot so I end up vacuuming a lot of my own hair from the carpet.

  14. i would use the vacuum for food messes left behind from two little boys at mealtime

  15. We have wood floors and we have 4 cats. If we go too long between vacuuming, we start to find duct kittens frolicking down hallways and in corners…

  16. I would be using this to clean up all kinds of messes, from husband not taking of his shoes and walking all over, to the kids throwing and tearing up things, to my dog losing her hair…lol, so many many things!

  17. I need this to clean up after my cats. They dig in the plants and spill dirt on my carpet.

  18. I need to vacuum after my dog who sheds like crazy. She sits on the couch and her fur is every where. When guests come over, they leave with her fur on their clothes.

  19. I need to clean up around my office. My wife keeps begging me. If I had this, I might just do it.

  20. Having two cats with long hair it would have to be the routine vacuuming of the carpets. Cat hair is everywhere.

  21. I have a german shepherd, enough said haha I have serious pet hair and that’s on top of a toddler, newborn and husband!

  22. I have a 4 year old, an almost 2 year old, 2 cats and 1 dog, I have lots of messes every day that require vacuuming, most are food!

  23. I don’t have a vacuum at the moment but I have large area rugs that need swept at least twice a day with my boys tearing around. It would be great to be able to vacuum.

  24. Mostly my super hairy dog, but my husband’s super filthy construction boots and my son’s playing don’t help.

  25. I have hardwood floors so a vacuum is always handy for all the dust bunnies! Thanks for the giveaway!

  26. Usually ones my kid makes- stomped in cheerios and all else. Could definitely use a new vacuum. Thanks for the giveaway!

  27. Hi! My two biggest messes for the vacuum cleaners are my boxer boy Neo’s hair & my parakeets seeds and feathers. They’re little birds who are confined to one area but, wow, can they make a mess. lol Thank-you!!

  28. Dust, dogs hairs, my hairs, (I’d say Hubby’s hairs, but he likes the clean shaven look-LOL), you name it, it is on my floors!

  29. The dust from outside living in the dust no picnic so much dust vac rugs too floors

  30. We use it for almost all the messes that my boys make and all my hair on the ground!

  31. If I could walk behind my son all day with the vacuum, cleaning behind him as he ran around, I may actually have a clean house. I use my vacuum for crumbs and dirt tracked in from outside.

  32. Everything! I live on the bottom floor of an apartment complex, and the route into my house is via some trees, so .. it gets A LOT messy.
    I am actually in need of a new one now, so it would be a totally blessing to win!


  34. Bottom line: our two very furry kitties ~ especially the white one! Their fur is everywhere and the carpeted stairways are impossible! Despite regular brushings ~ they do still spit up some nasty hairballs…

  35. i have two boys and a husband along with a male cat lol can you guess just a little bit of everything lol

  36. I am a mom to four kids and three dogs–goodness me we have messes all over the place;)

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