Easy Coupons Quick Start ebook & GIVEAWAY

Easy Coupons Quick Start ebook

I was recently asked by Andrea Brewer to read and review her latest book called Easy Coupons: a quick-start, step by step guide to saving $$$.  A really “get to the point” and “how do I save money couponing” book.  We are all wanting to save money at the grocery store and I can say, as someone who is serious about how I coupon, this is a perfect book for those of you who are just starting out and really needing a great “easy to follow” guidebook on how to use coupons.  And for those of us who know a bit about couponing already, there are so many tips in this book I know you will learn something new.  I know I did about using coupons at Target.

She discusses how to get started, best ways to save, her favorite stores to shop at and how to use their ways of couponing to get the best prices, how to get organized and many other coupon tips to learn.

Here is an excerpt from the book:

Excerpt from Chapter 5 STEPS TO YOUR FIRST SHOPPING TRIP, Page 31:

So How Do I Get Started?

This is probably the question I get asked the most: “How do I get started?” I am going to

list out a step-by-step process below to help anyone get started couponing. Again, this

is a guide, not exact. You need to apply this guide to your life and your schedule to

make it work for you.


1. Get your local Sunday newspaper with sales ads and coupon inserts

I usually buy at least 4 newspapers every week. Because of what I save, itʼs worth

paying $7 for my newspapers every Sunday. If you canʼt afford to buy the newspaper,

ask your friends and family for their inserts and ads each week. Post on your facebook,

and ask people to save their inserts for you if they donʼt use them. Visit local coffee

shops or businesses and ask them to keep their Sunday newspapers for you. There are

lots of ways to obtain free coupon inserts each week. Get creative: I used to live in a

condo building with an inside recycle bin for just newspapers. Each week, I would go

through the bin and collect extra inserts. I am not willing to dumpster dive for a coupon,

but I will dig through newspapers for coupon inserts.


2. Go through the sales ads and see what items are on sale

Make a list as you go through the sales ads for whatʼs on sale that you need. Itʼs

important to know whatʼs on sale at each store because there have been times when a

store didnʼt advertise a sale that was in their ad. If I hadnʼt known it was supposed to be

on sale, I wouldnʼt have received the deal…

Be sure to check out Andrea Brewer’s website and read more details about her book.  She also has a great selection of coupon secrets tips you can click on and read about.

Andrea has so graciously offered ONE copy of her book to one of my lucky readers. 

The giveaway will run from January 27th to February 3rd at midnight. 

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Easy Coupons Quick Start ebook

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  1. This looks like a great book1 Will have to check it out:) Thanks for linking up to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party. I have pinned your post to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Board.

  2. I do a little, but I said it must be God’s will for me to coupon more as I won a different coupon book and a guy that delivers newspapers had extras==and he’s giving us like 4 inserts every Sunday! Now to find the time to cut all those coupons! And find the deals. Today was -20, and I ran to the store anyway–only to Aldis. It was too cold to go anywhere else, so no couponing for me today.

    1. Me too Tammy. I had to start couponing because it was 2008 and our real estate business failed. I had to save money some where and first choice was how much I was spending on groceries. The first year I saved $5000 compared to the last year and we are a family of 2!!! I had a cashier at Publix tell me she loves when I come in because she had never seen anyone so organized when it comes to coupons. I told her you have to be to get the most savings. Oh, and I only clip and print what I need when I coupon and thank goodness my husband works where they bring by 3 to 4 Sunday papers and he is able to bring me the inserts every Sunday. That helps a lot on expenses.

  3. I use store coupons that I can access on my smartphone, but I’m not very good about grocery coupons. I’d like to learn more. Thanks for the chance.

  4. I use coupons, ecoupons, mobile apps(3) saving star ..Love coupons. My neighbor can’t seem to get it so I would gift this book to her:)

    1. What a wonderful idea. I’ve tried to explain a few things to people and for some reason don’t get it. You almost have to take them to the store so they can see what you do. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. I am just now getting into couponing. I’m ashamed it has taken me this long to see the light! Haha

  6. I love to use coupons! I once spent $10 and saved over $200 and it was one of my first couponing trips.

  7. yes, i use coupons. i am trying to use them more and more effectively. i’ve fallen off the coupon bandwagon lately – am trying to get back on board.

  8. I use coupons but with 2 children I have less and less time so I need to be more efficient. When I was single, it was great but now that I spend more money, I use less because I don’t have time.

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