Back to School $100 Amazon Giveaway

Its the end of summer and time for the kiddos to head back to school. A great reason to have a Back to School $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!!

Lets celebrate the start of school with a $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway! We could all use a little help to buy school supplies with.

I have so many great memories of my son heading off to school each year.


Graduation from Nursery School kind of sealed the idea that he was growing up.


His 1st day at Kindergarten. I don’t know if that look on his face was fear or wonder. He really loved school and did well.

I miss all those activities he was in. I don’t miss those really cold half time football shows I had to attend. I would sit in the car until half time started, return to the stands, watch the show and after it was over, back to the car. He went to a very small school so you could sit in your car and watch the game.


Twelve years of school passed before I knew it. It was bittersweet when he went to college though. I wanted him to get a great education but I wanted him to also stay home. I cried his Freshman year, but when he was home for the summer after only 2 weeks I asked, “When does school start back up?”


He graduated from college with his Masters in Music and now teaches children to play music and instruments. He can play all band and orchestra instruments to show and teach his students. It amazes me how he learned all that his years in college.


He is now pursuing his PHD in Conducting. His instrument of choice is a violin which he learned to play in college. In two years! He plays in the local orchestra as well. He also learned to play the piano in college.

Moms and dads, enjoy these years with your children during their years in school. Before long, they will be out of school and on their own.


The giveaway starts on August 9th and ends at midnight on August 22nd.

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