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This guest post from Doris Dillon

We have really grown in the two years that we have been open as a small business. What started out as two employees in a one-room office, has grown to 12 employees in a 8 room office. It has all happened so fast, and really things have gone so well, theyâ??ve exceeded all my wildest expectations. Iâ??m ready to start looking into different set ups that will allow even greater growth for my company. My fellow owner recommended we look into setting up a system that involves Chicago T1. We have a high frequency of calls coming through at any given time, and she believes this change would allow us even greater productivity and speed. I tend to leave these decisions up to her because she has always been the one with the keener eye for the business side of things, while Iâ??ve been more on the people and HR side of things. Together, we really seem to make a great pair and balance each other out. Clearly that is the case when you look at how well we are doing.

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